Slot waveguide ring resonator modulator

Slot-waveguide - Wikipedia In 2006, the slot-waveguide approach was extended to the terahertz frequency band by researchers at RWTH Aachen University. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology also demonstrated that a slot waveguide, in combination with nonlinear electrooptic polymers, could be used to build ring modulators with exceptionally high tunability.

Aug 29, 2018 ... Microring Resonator Modulator, Wenjing Tian, Lei Zhang, Chinese .... electro- optic modulator that utilizes a doped-Si slot waveguide is. A three-dimensional photonic topological insulator using a two ... Oct 19, 2018 ... Here, we show that a 2D array of ring resonators with a synthetic .... In our system , in the absence of dynamic modulation, there is a complete lack of ... A dynamic link ring is formed by a slot waveguide that supports an even ... Hybrid integration of Er-doped materials and CNTs on silicon for light ... waveguides, ring resonators, and nanobeam cavities with respect to photoluminescence en- ..... Erbium integration with silicon nitride slot waveguides .

Researchers at the University of Washington (Seattle, WA) and Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) have created the first silicon-waveguide ring resonators for wavelengths between 5.4 and 5.6 μm, opening up a new region forring-resonator applications such as biosensing and modulation.

High-Q optical resonators in silicon-on-insulator-based slot ... This letter describes the design, fabrication and characterization of high-Q oval resonators based on slot waveguide geometries in thin silicon-on-insulator material. Optical quality factors of up to 27 000 were measured in such filters, and we estimate losses of 210 dB/cm in the slotted waveguides on the basis of our resonator measurements. High-Speed Modulation of a Compact Silicon Ring Resonator In conclusion, we present a high speed ring resonator modulator. The modulation was achieved by carrier depletion in an asymmetric p-n diode structure. The modulator exhibited the DC on/off ratio of 5 dB at - 10V, and a 3dB bandwidth of 19 GHz. This is the fastest reported operation of a silicon ring resonator modulator to date. High speed optical modulator based on silicon slotted-rib ... A high-speed electro-optic modulator based on CMOS compatible silicon waveguide is proposed. The optical waveguide in silicon is formed by creating a slot in a rib structure that results in a strong optical confinement with an acceptably low propagation loss.

that the mode profiles in the silicon slot waveguide can be accurately tuned by the ALD method. Our results show that ALD of organic and inorganic materials can be combined with conventional silicon waveguide fabrication techniques to create slot waveguide ring resonators with …

(a) Schematic of a MZI modulator based on 1D PC slot waveguide; (b ... We present a high-speed modulator based on electro-optic polymer infiltrated sub-wavelength grating waveguide ring resonator. A 3-dB small signal modulation ... Optical Biosensors based on Silicon-On-Insulator Ring Resonator: A ... Jan 3, 2019 ... common strip or slot waveguide-based ring resonators, as it is summarized in ..... The modulation signal induces a thermal refractive index. High‐Speed Modulator Based on Electro‐Optic Polymer Infiltrated ... May 17, 2018 ... High‐Speed Modulator Based on Electro‐Optic Polymer Infiltrated Subwavelength Grating Waveguide Ring Resonator .... on an Electro-Optic Slotted Ring Resonator, Optics Communications, 10.1016/j.optcom.2019.02.070,  ...

Planar slot photonic crystal cavities for on-chip hybrid integration

The time-domain coupling parameter μ verifies μ 2 = κ 2 ν g /L, where κ is the waveguide coupling parameter at the junction to the resonator, v g the group velocity of the waveguide constituting the ring and L its circumference.

The presented hybrid-waveguide ring resonator consisting of a slot waveguide implemented in a strip waveguide-based ring resonator has a set of characteristics, which makes it an excellent and unique candidate for low power switches and modulators in the field of optical communication systems.

Witzens, T. Baehr-Jones, and M. Hochberg, “Design of transmission line driven slot waveguide Mach- Zehnder interferometers and application to analog optical links,” Optics Express 18 , 16902-16928 (2010). Coupled-ring-resonator-based silicon modulator for enhanced performance

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